Top Chef Review: The Reunion

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It’s time for the absolute last episode related to Top Chef Season 9 – the reunion.

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Top Chef Review: The End Is Here!

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It’s the finale of Top Chef and we get to see Paul and Sarah duke it out. Its been on a long road with what began as 29 chefs that got whittled down to two. On the way, we’ve seen Pee-Wee Herman grace the Top Chef kitchen, we’ve experienced el Diablo in human form (Heather, of course), we’ve seen Bev rise up against the forces of bitchy women trying to hold her down, we’ve seen sweet potato fences fall hopelessly apart (that from the creator of the edible cigar), we’ve been through more mass cooking challenges than any Top Chef audience should have to handle and we tried out a little side dish called Last Chance Kitchen, which ended up being a welcome addition to a season packed with “eh” so let’s begin to end, shall we?

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Top Chef Review: The Three Amigos, And One Of Them Is Still Annoying.

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I can see the light at the end of this 4 month-long tunnel! We are in the home stretch and Lindsay, Paul and Sarah are trying to find their way in a post-Beverly world. Bev won’t be popping up anymore to shatter Sarah’s fragile confidence or get in anyone’s way.

This week, Emeril returns as guest judge (boo). I won’t reiterate my issues with Emeril (even though I do use his cast iron skillet in my kitchen and other than weighing 900 pounds, it’s great) but just for the record, there are MUCH better chefs that Top Chef can get to judge (yes, Eric Ripert, I am talking to YOU).

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Top Chef Review: Restaurant Wars

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The battle we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived on this week’s episode of Top Chef: Texas. No, I’m not talking about the...

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Top Chef Review: The Ogre Got Pressure Cooked!

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Pack your bags, we’re headed to Austin! It’s the third stop on our cooking tour through the Longhorn State. One chef that is super excited to represent is Paul. Our resident worrier feels the weight of the free world as he aims to make Austin proud. In a touching moment, we learn that Paul found his true calling in Austin. He woke up one morning in a room filled to the brim with dog deuces and decided he needed to end living life as a small time pot lord. Flashback to Paul standing in a tux next to a bright red sports car, which kinda reminded me of the final scene in Sixteen Candles where hunky Mike Baker melts hearts standing next his sweet ride.

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