The 39th Annual Saturn Awards

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“[Sci-Fi is] a great genre for two things. One: complete adventure and escapism. And also for attacking great socio-political issues that may be a little too difficult for people to face in pure realism.” – Lance Reddick, host of the 39th Annual Saturn Awards

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Once Upon A Time Review: A Continued Cluster$@*%

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I realized last night when I tried to explain what’s happening on Once Upon A Time, that there’s actually a lot happening on Once Upon A...

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Author Interview: Welcome To the World of "Shadow and Bone"

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Shadow and Bone made me a little wary at first, mostly because I had seen so many reviews just raving about how wonderful it is – which...

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Grimm: Q&A with Executive Producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf

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Fairytales have become all the rage lately, just look around and you’ll see several TV shows and movies inspired by the happily ever after...

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Once Upon A Time: Interview with Meghan Ory

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Interview with Once Upon a Time’s Meghan Ory.

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