‘Non-Stop’ Review: Fighting Terrorists with Oskar Schindler and Lady Mary

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No matter how comfortable you are with flying there is definitely something terrifying about even the smallest thing going wrong aboard an airplane in flight. This notion has already provided fodder for countless movies, but in Non-Stop, it is Liam Neeson who faces those fears when a terrorist threatens to kill a passenger on his plane every 20 minutes until he/she is paid 150 million dollars.

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2 Guns Review: You Can’t Save Goofy

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Even charismatic leading men can’t save a goofy script.

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The Internship Review: Weirdly Inspiring

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June looks to be a funny month at the box office, and The Internship is a nice way to get things started.

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Oscars 2013: And the nominees (most likely) are…

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January may mark the end of the holiday gift-giving season, but for movie buffs the official arrival of Hollywood’s hotly contested awards...

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