Top Chef Review: The Three Amigos, And One Of Them Is Still Annoying.

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I can see the light at the end of this 4 month-long tunnel! We are in the home stretch and Lindsay, Paul and Sarah are trying to find their way in a post-Beverly world. Bev won’t be popping up anymore to shatter Sarah’s fragile confidence or get in anyone’s way.

This week, Emeril returns as guest judge (boo). I won’t reiterate my issues with Emeril (even though I do use his cast iron skillet in my kitchen and other than weighing 900 pounds, it’s great) but just for the record, there are MUCH better chefs that Top Chef can get to judge (yes, Eric Ripert, I am talking to YOU).

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Top Chef Masters Review: A Finale Full Of Memories

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In the last episode of this season’s Top Chef Masters it came down to Mary Sue Milliken of Los Angeles, Traci Des Jardins from San...

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