Comic Con 2013: 5 Big Issues with Revolution

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We sat down and spoke with the creators and writers of Revolution at Comic Con to see if they recognized the problems in season 1, and was largely happy

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Bungie Releases Destiny Trailer: Law of the Jungle

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Destiny trailer  – The Law of the Jungle For the strength of the pack is the wolf,and the strength of the wolf is the pack.  Bungie...

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Once Upon A Time Review: That's What Makes It So Sad

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Once Upon A Time was back with a bang Sunday night, ushering in its final push of the season with a few answers, yes, but also a bevy of...

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Once Upon A Time Review: How Evil is Made…Or Chosen

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We’ve been waiting all season to learn what horrible atrocity Snow White committed in the past that could have earned her the undying and...

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Once Upon A Time Review: The Ill-Fated Love of Dwarves and Fairies

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On Sunday night, the writer’s of Once Upon A Time treated us to a fairytale version of Romeo and Juliet. You know, without the teenagers...

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