White Collar Review: Worse Worst Case Scenario

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Does Neal Caffrey deserve to have his sentence commuted? This important question was one that everyone took a stand on White...

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White Collar Review: Take Me Out To The Ballgame

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With Tim DeKay’s superb directorial debut, White Collar heads to the ballpark when one of the “most beloved con men in the world” attempts...

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White Collar Review: Old Flames & The In-laws

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Things are heating up on White Collar. Sara Ellis (Hilarie Burton) is back in the picture and her chemistry with Neal (Matt Bomer) is...

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White Collar Review: Finally! The Boys Are Back

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Tuesday nights are much better when White Collar and Matt Bomer are on my television screen. And my Tuesday nights have felt a bit empty...

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White Collar Review: Turning Up The Heat

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White Collar has always had an oh so easy on the eyes cast, but with the return of the sexy Scotsman Ross McCall as Matthew Keller and the...

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