Glee Review: Three Rings and a Swimming Number

Posted by on Jan 18, 2012 in feature overlay | 4 comments

Glee returned from winter hiatus last night in an episode that brought us two new celebrity cameos and three couples taking the next step.

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Glee Review: Forever Young

Posted by on Dec 8, 2011 in Feature, Television | 2 comments

If there was one major theme to this week’s episode of Glee, it’d be to cherish your youth because getting old kind of sucks. And our...

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Glee Review: Lady Music Week

Posted by on Nov 30, 2011 in Television | 2 comments

It’s taking me longer and longer to get into Glee even after a hiatus, which is never a good sign, but the show continues to make me smile...

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Glee Review: It Was A Monster Mash Off

Posted by on Nov 17, 2011 in Feature, feature overlay, Television | 4 comments

This week’s episode of Glee was pure fun. At first, it all seemed silly and light. Will and Shelby decided to hold the first McKinley mash...

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Glee Review: Practically Magical

Posted by on Nov 3, 2011 in Feature, feature overlay | 0 comments

I can’t imagine that I’m the only one who felt that this post-World Series return of Glee was slightly off and quite serious....

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