Oblivion Review: Are You Still An Effective Plothole?

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Some movies are just too smart for their own good. Other movies only want to be. Tom Cruise’s latest science fiction blockbuster, Oblivion, is the latter and boy does it ever stumble upon its own effort to be clever.

Set in the distance future of 2077, Oblivion introduces us to an Earth that took a major licking during an epic battle with some bastard aliens. Most of humanity died in the nuclear fallout and survivors have been evacuated to a giant space station awaiting transport to a moon of Saturn where life can begin anew. That leaves only two human beings left on Earth: Jack (Tom Cruise) and Victoria (Andrea Riseborough).

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Anonymous Review: The Conspiracy's the Thing

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I’m not sure what it says about humanity but its hard to deny the fact that we love us a good conspiracy theory. To look at our reactions to events both great and terrible one does not have to search high and low to find examples of our cynical and untrusting selves conjuring up alternative realities to why things happened and how. From the Apollo moon landings to September 11 and President Obama’s place of birth, it seems no subject is too well documented or straightforward to question.

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Battle: Los Angeles Review: Invasion, What Is It Good For?

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An invading army. Pilotless flying drones. The  killing of innocent people for natural resources. The plot of  Battle: Los Angeles should...

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