All The Drama – NBC TCAs 2013

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NBC brings the drama like woah this winter with the return of fan and critic favorite Hannibal as well as a handful of new pilots that run...

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NYCC 2013 – Person of Interest (Exclusive Clip)

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Never-before-seen Person of Interest footage, Carter (Taraji P.Henson) confronts her new partner on his involvement with the corrupt, criminal organization within the NYPD.

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Revolution’s Billy Burke Interview

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In Breaking Dawn Part 2, there’s a moment where Jacob confronts Bella’s father Charlie in his backyard. In a counter-intuitive effort to convince Charlie that his daughter is in safe hands, young Jacob strips down to his underwear, transforms into a Furby-esque wolf and pounces upon the bewildered parent. It’s a ridiculous scene, but if there’s any actor who can convey Charlie’s stupefied reaction with a modicum of dignity, it’s Billy Burke.

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‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ review: Beam me up, J.J.

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Star Trek Into Darkness is unabashed, popcorn-munching fun nestled within a sleek, eye-popping framework both respectful to the historical significance of its predecessors and innovative enough to – wait for it – boldly go where no previous Star Trek has gone before.

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NBC at Winter TCAs: Nowhere to go but up

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“What a difference a year makes.” This inevitable and rather obvious tag line echoed incessantly throughout NBC’s Winter TCA tour in Pasadena this past week, thanks to the Peacock’s meteoric rise in ratings after ending multiple consecutive seasons dead last.

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