Supernatural Review: Dean Heads to the Hunger Games

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Season seven’s ender wasn’t quite as shocking as season six, but I gotta say the writers threw a curveball there. Long story short, the boys manage to kill Dick but Cas and Dean are sent to purgatory along with him. Crowley, the devil that he is, managed to kill two birds with one stone. It was really quite masterful and way more interesting as a villain than Dick all season long.

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Supernatural Review: Dick's Master Plan, Boring.

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Last week we met Kevin Tran, advanced placement student, Princeton aspiree, and prophet of God. Kevin turns out to be the only person who can read one of the small tablets that Dick was after. It happens to be a “how to kill Leviathans just in case” note. With Sam and Dean activating it, it snaps Cas out of his stupor and sends his old garrison looking for Kevin to protect him. Before going with the angel patrol though, Kevin translates the text for the Winchesters and one of the first ingredients they get is the blood of a fallen angel, donated by Cas.

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Supernatural Review: Peace Out Bitches!

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Sam and Dean took a step back in this week’s episode as the spotlight shone upon Charlie, your girl with the D&D tattoo (Dungeons and Dragons). The oh so awesome Felicia Day stole every scene that she was in and was a breathe of fresh air to the dwindling supply of memorable supporting characters in Supernatural. She would be perfect as the new Frank and the Winchester’s adopted little sister (how adorable was Sam talking to Charlie about being brave like Hermione Granger?).

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Supernatural Review: A Supernatural Ghost Story

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In what feels like a shoutout to American Horror Story, Sam and Dean come upon a house filled with ghosts as they try and find their fellow hunter Annie. Meanwhile Bobby is still haunting them, attempting to make contact and to do ghostly things like move objects. He’s failing miserably though and yelling balls left and right.

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Supernatural Review: Party On Garth!

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DJ Qualls is back as hunter Garth Fitzgerald IV, bringing his monster slaying skills while having Bell Biv Devoe’s Poison playing in the background. That is freaking awesome. Amongst other things that was awesome, this episode was all about a Japanese alcohol spirit called a Shojo that you can only see when your drunk. Drunk hunters trying to kill a very pissed of spirit makes for entertaining television.

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