2014 WGA Awards: Stories they tell

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It’s no secret the alluring glamour of Hollywood is largely attributed to the aesthetic appeal of celebrities and their publicized...

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True Blood Review: This Dog Don’t Bark That Way

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The guilty pleasure nonsense propelled throughout the television airwaves during summer can often be considered a welcome respite,...

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True Blood Interview: Newest Pack Member Kelly Overton Talks Season Five

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True Blood fans are undoubtedly bloodthirsty for another trip to Bon Temps, as the HBO darling’s fifth season will unleash both new and...

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White Collar Review: They Don’t Call Her Mrs. Suit For Nothing

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Attention Elizabeth Burke’s neighbors—don’t borrow a cup of sugar from El if you are doing something illegal because she will take you...

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True Blood Review: Season Finale Thud

Posted by on Sep 13, 2011 in feature overlay, Television | 6 comments

It’s the end of another crazy season on True Blood and this had to be my least favorite episode. Why? The predictable outcome of Sookie choosing neither Eric of Bill, leaving this triangle yet still a triangle for another season to come. But let’s check out the body count for this season finale first. First there is Jesus, who is forced by Marnie/Lafayette to give up his demon powers or else he could kill Lafayette. She then kills him.

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