‘True Blood’ Review: Bon Temps Massacre

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True Blood’s Season 7 premiere starts right where we left off last season. The people of Bon Temps have gathered at Bellefleur’s Bar & Grill under Mayor Sam Merlotte’s suggestion that each human pairs up with a vampire in order to quell the spread of the Hep-V virus.

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2014 WGA Awards: Stories they tell

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It’s no secret the alluring glamour of Hollywood is largely attributed to the aesthetic appeal of celebrities and their publicized...

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‘True Blood’ review: This dog don’t bark that way

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The guilty pleasure nonsense propelled throughout the television airwaves during summer can often be considered a welcome respite,...

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‘True Blood’ interview: Newest pack member Kelly Overton talks season five

Posted by on Jun 9, 2012 in Sci Fi/Horror, Television, True Blood | 1 comment

True Blood fans are undoubtedly bloodthirsty for another trip to Bon Temps, as the HBO darling’s fifth season will unleash both new and returning supernatural foes for Sookie Stackhouse and friends. Actress Kelly Overton joins the cast this season as Rikki, a sexy, inquisitive werewolf demanding answers after her pack leader’s suspicious disappearance. Overton talked with Poptimal about shifting into “pack mentality” for her most high-profile role yet, a task made easier by her enthusiasm for True Blood and its predecessors.

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White Collar Review: They Don’t Call Her Mrs. Suit For Nothing

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Attention Elizabeth Burke’s neighbors—don’t borrow a cup of sugar from El if you are doing something illegal because she will take you...

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