The Lone Ranger Red Carpet: Hi Ho, Cinema!

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In 2003, director Gore Verbinski, screenwriters Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio and actor Johnny Depp took a thirty-six year-old theme park ride and launched a multi-billion dollar franchise. Pirates of the Caribbeanand its star Captain Jack Sparrow have quickly become cinematic sacred works. Anytime a new Pirates movie is released, multiplexes sell out every seat and playgrounds are filled with children reenacting their favorite action sequences.

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Dark Shadows Review: Strange Psychedelic Happenings

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Destined to take its place on a future line-up of ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween, most likely paired with the seasonal classic Hocus Pocus (you’re welcome for that tip, ABC Family), Tim Burton’s and Johnny Depp’s big screen adaptation of Dark Shadows is sometimes fun, but mostly a mixed bag.

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Poptimal's 2012 Summer Movie Preview

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We’ve almost made it through the weeds, fellow film-goers! Yes, the horribly dry months of January – April are nearly a thing...

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21 Jump Street Review: Worthy of Your Money After All

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I hate when anyone, including myself, try to compare any movie to another by calling it “the next [insert movie title here]”, however, I will shamefully declare that if you’re looking for a fresher, newer version of let’s say Superbad, then 21 Jump Street just might be it. Not a single line or sequence in the film seemed to be void of hilarity; and whether it was an outrageous high school house party scene or a meaningful, bromantic moment, like all the memorable comedies we’ve grown to cherish, it was chock full of phrases your friends can incessantly quote for weeks.

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The Rum Diary Review: A Boozy Joyride

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I haven’t read the book, but I’ll bet it was a page turner, if the movie was any indication.

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