Oldboy Review: Mediocre at Best

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The Spike Lee remake of a hit 2003 Korean movie, Oldboy, is not for the faint hearted. Originally based on a Japanese manga, the film tells the story of a man who is framed for raping and killing his ex-wife while being imprisoned in a hotel room for twenty years.

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Fall Movie Preview: 10 Movies That Should be on Your Radar

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Fall season is Oscar season, and while cinematic offerings won’t feature as many explosions or superheroes, there are many movies on the horizon that boast stellar casts and riveting storylines.

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Men In Black III Review: Adds New Life to This Old Franchise

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I’ll admit that I imagined Men In Black III to be a blatant money grab, but despite my reservations, it managed to add a new dimension to the series and was arguably the best installment yet.

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Poptimal's 2012 Summer Movie Preview

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We’ve almost made it through the weeds, fellow film-goers! Yes, the horribly dry months of January – April are nearly a thing...

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2010 Razzie Nominations: The Worst Movies of The Year

Posted by on Jan 24, 2011 in feature overlay, Movies | 46 comments

I never really understood how they chose the Razzie nominations as some of the picks seem more out of general buzz they would create...

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