Mirror Mirror Review: Some Pros, Lots of Cons

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There’s an audience out there for a movie like Mirror Mirror. You might be one if you’re partial for the Peter Pan re-imagining Hook. Or maybe a TBS Sunday morning viewer of the Anne Hathaway fairytale farce Ella Enchanted. It’ll definitely have its fans, I’m just not one of them. But, as the Queen notes, there are pros and cons.

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Larry Crowne Review: Underdevelopment At Its Finest

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Larry Crowne is classified as a romantic comedy but unfortunately, it is neither. Instead, it’s a painfully vanilla flick with a severely underdeveloped storyline and dull one-dimensional characters. I didn’t go to Larry Crowne expecting to unravel a web of complex twists and turns, but I did think that with two great actors like Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts headlining (plus Taraji P. Henson, Byran Cranston and Cedric the Entertainer), I’d be entertained. Nope.

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