Fantasy ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Cast

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The official, full-cast will be announced live on September 4 during Good Morning America. But why wait until then? Why not have some fun right now, and come up with our own ideal cast? I am sure you have heard of Fantasy Football. Well, this is Fantasy DANCE! Ladies and gentlemen – I proudly present to you – my Fantasy Cast for a future season of Dancing with the Stars.

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WUN2K w/ Erin Biglow S2 Ep. 1

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Season 2 Episode 1: Season 2 of WUN2K w/ Erin Biglow – Season 2 Ep.1 – Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Justin Bieber, Kim Khardashian & many more.

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Dancing With the Stars Review: Tom BOO-geron and Crew Celebrate Halloween With Dance!

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It’s Halloween Night at the Glitterdome, and Dancing With the Stars doesn’t disappoint in its level of boo-tastic, ridiculous cheesiness.

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White Collar Q&A: The Scoop From Mrs. Suit

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With the much anticipated White Collar summer finale next Tuesday, the always lovely, Tiffani Thiessen gave us some scoop about her...

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The Voice Q&A: Winner Javier Colon Gets a Second Chance At His Dream

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Javier Colon is a 33-year-old father of two and the winner of the first season of The Voice. Colon, who had a lackluster music career with...

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