American Idol Review: From Hollywood To Vegas To Sudden Death

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If you thought the beginning of American Idol season eleven was dramatic, this week went above and beyond to top itself. Personally, I feel like it’s been a pretty ho-hum run until now, full of some inarguably good talent but also a lot of whiney crybabies trying to convince everyone that they deserve a top spot because, I don’t know, maybe their parents told them they were special one too many times when they were growing up. For the remaining group of contestants that managed to make it past the first round of Hollywood week, all of the tension and stomach bugs going around were seriously starting to get to them.

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Hell's Kitchen Review: Ramsay's Diary – Entry 4

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Gordo here. The team at Fox were nice enough to grant me a brief reprieve from the chuckleheads inside Hell’s Kitchen and only ask that I open the kitchen one night this week, thank Christ. And yet even with that, it was not enough to keep red and blue heads above water.

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Fright Night Review: Hey, Guy

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Fright Night is a modern remake of the cult 1985 horror film that is just as engaging, funny, scary, and cool as the original continues to be twenty-six years on.

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So You Think You Can Dance Review: Los Angeles Brings the Heat

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I spent hours catching up on the past couple of weeks of So You Think You Can Dance this past week, and nothing makes me happier....

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America's Got Talent Review: Season 6 Premieres With Flames, Men in Diapers, and a Neurotic Bald-Headed Howie

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At the start of Season 6 on America’s Got Talent, we saw host Ryan Seacrest standing atop a building shouting into the sky: “This …….. is American Idol!!!!” Oh, wait a minute.

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