‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Review: An Offer She Can’t Refuse

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Cristina’s last episode was a very good one, and I like that the writers didn’t opt for a cheesy farewell between she and Meredith where they are sobbing inconsolably.

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American Idol Review: Pick Up That Name You Dropped, Randy Jackson!

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Almost every contestant had a strong performance this week.

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American Idol Review: One More Week Until Hollywood!

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This was the last week of auditions before the Hollywood round takes over, as well as last chances for thousands of hopefuls to step up and show us what they’re made of. The first stop was Portland, Oregon where the usual lot of talented and desperate singers eagerly awaited for their chance to impress the judges. Things were off to a powerful start with the first contestant, a young mother named Britnee. Always being told she couldn’t, or shouldn’t, pursue her dreams by people (more specifically her now ex-husband) was in reality the push she needed to show everyone how wrong they were. It was the first tearjerker moment of the episode when she sang her aching country heart out and was then joined by her supportive and equally tearful family.

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The Vampire Diaries Review: The One Where Bonnie Becomes Storm

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Well over  a month has gone by since we got a new episode of The Vampire Diaries but The CW brought it back this week for the first of the...

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Smallville Review: Requiem for a Filler Episode

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Filler Episodes. Every dramatic show has them.

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