Prisoners Review: Well Worth The Drama

Posted by on Sep 23, 2013 in Drama/Suspense Movies, Featured Article, Movies | 0 comments

In Prisoners, Hugh Jackman gives an emotionally wrought performance as a father amid a devastating tragedy.

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Prime Suspect Q&A: Starring Maria Bello and Producer Alex Cunningham

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This fall NBC is introducing a new police procedural, Prime Suspect, based on the critically-acclaimed British television series of the...

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NBC TCA Press Tour 2011: Network Reboot

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NBC’s annual TCA Press Tour is the network’s most major attempt to wow the media with their upcoming slate of programming for the fall season, which involves a fresh and expansive slate ranging from high-concept dramas to classically structured, multi-cam sitcoms.

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NBC Upfront 2011: Giving the Network a New "Voice"

Posted by on May 18, 2011 in feature overlay, Television | 12 comments

There were two things NBC wanted us to take away from their Up Front presentation that took place Monday morning in New York City.

Number one: NBC wants to be funnier. According to Bob Greenblatt, Chairman of NBC Entertainment, the network is on a “road to recovery” and the suits are working hard to rebuild the brand with more comedy shows.

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The Company Men Review: Cleverly Impressive

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Boston-based Global Transportation Systems (GTX) is a company in crisis. Bobby Walker (Ben Affleck) is their Northeast Regional Sales Manager who, after twelve years, has become accustomed to his $120K salary and golf club membership. His wife and children are quite comfortable as well, as most anyone would be in their situation. In fact, it’s easy to see how nothing in the world could have prepared Bobby Walker to walk into the office one morning (after shooting an 86 at the club), only to be met with talk of division consolidation, redundancies, and severance packages.

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