‘Mad Men’ Review: Daddy Dearest

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I’m curious to witness the continued evolution of the characters we’ve come to know over the years, and I’m confident creator Matthew Weiner will please fans in this final season.

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Mad Men Review: Ummmm….whoa.

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This week’s episode of Mad Men was officially 12 shades of crazy. And I loved every bizarro second of it! There is a lot to talk about but let’s start with the massive pink elephant in the room. In this episode we got to see Don Draper kill a woman that he just had sex with using his bare hands before wantonly kicking her dead body under the bed to hide it from his wife, Teeth.

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Mad Men Review: Zoobee Zoobee Zooooo

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If someone had told me when I watched the fourth season finale of Mad Men that it would be 17 months before another new episode came my way I probably would have broke down crying. I was emotionally prepared for the usual nine-month gap between seasons, but then came the rumors of disputes between Executive Producer Matthew Wiener and AMC that were putting production in jeopardy and I found myself in danger of needing more therapy than Sally Draper.

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