The Killing Review: Upping The Ante

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The Rosie Larsen case grows ever closer to closing as Linden (Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman) are thrust into more danger than...

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The Killing Recap: "Hard Hat Area" and Other Sex Euphemisms

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It took just about half the season to get going, but The Killing is officially picking up steam this week, which marks the halfway point...

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The Killing Review: More Like Day 119

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Day Nineteen of The Killing opens with Terry discussing her secret affair with some random married fellow who is actually Jasper’s father...

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The Killing Recap – Ghosts of the Past

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An ominous, unibomber-cloaked figure walks up to Richmond in the hospital and shoots him over and over again in bed, which startles him...

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Ogi Jun – The Killing Recap

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The Killing continues to drift aimlessly between “engaging” and “snore-fest” as it continues to stretch out the Rosie Larsen murder for...

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