America’s Next Top Model All-Stars Review: The Pot Ledom Olympics

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Only a few episodes and models remain on America’s Next Top Model: All-Stars. The ladies are in beautiful Greece for the remainder of the competition and despite the peaceful serenity of the deep blue oceans and stunning landscapes, the dramas are still flowing. Everyone seems to feel directly threatened by at least one of the other girls but Miss J. Alexander is about to make it all that much more complicated.

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America’s Next Top Model Review: The All-Star Reunion

Posted by on Sep 16, 2011 in feature overlay, Television | 12 comments

It’s Top Model time again already but this cycle promises to be unlike any other. In past seasons, we’ve all had our favorite models that we’ve rooted for and loved, and also our favorite models that we only loved to hate, so the overall popularity left Tyra with an idea: an all-stars season. The mega competition this time will not just be about being the winner but also about having serious star power. The models will be asked to participate in photo shoots, commercials, music videos, song writing, perfume branding, you name it. It’s more or less a Miss USA pageant with a bit more fierceness in the way that Tyra wants to see which contestant can embody the “Jill of all trades” persona in the fashion industry.

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