Review: The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season Finale

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After the season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia needs to rethink her inner circle.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Review: Going to Miami

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Remember in ‘80s sitcoms announcers used to say, “On the last episode of (fill in the blank)…” Well, that’s how The Real Housewives of Atlanta should have been introduced this week.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Review: Hotlanta Housewives

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The Sunday evening hour-and-fifteen-minute melodrama that is the “Hotlanta” Real Housewives seemed to revolve around one (allegedly) 32-year-old mistress, Kim, and her tour with Kandi. While Phaedra, Cynthia, and NeNe got their moments in the sun, all the ladies were anticipating and preparing for their trip to Miami to join Kandi and Kim on Kandi’s promotional tour of her new album Hey, Kandi. Or was it Kim’s tour???

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