Girls Review: Dear Diary

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It’s official – Girls keeps getting better and better!  This week’s episode had me laughing harder than I’ve laughed in a while, and I’m...

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Girls Review: Gross Sex and the Expensive City

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The minute I heard about HBO’s new comedy, Girls, I was excited. I adore Lena Dunham’s indie film Tiny Furniture and her style in general...

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2012 Writers Guild Awards, East: Lots of Funny People

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On Sunday night, I was lucky enough to attend the 2012 Writers Guild Awards on the East Coast. It was a night full of laughs, fun, and...

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White Collar Review: The Swap

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Sara: “What are you doing today?” Neal: “Helping Peter find out who’s threatening to kill a public figure while Diana goes undercover as...

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Gossip Girl Review: The Thin Line Between Good and Bad

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  Trepidation almost made me put off watching Gossip Girl in real time, because after the previews from last week I feared we were in...

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