Veep Recap: Hail To The Chief

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This week’s season finale of HBO’s Veep raised the stakes for the future third season in a very big way. Not only is gaff-prone Selina Meyer still our fictional vice president, but she will now also be actively seeking the office of President of the United States herself following the bombshell revelation that the current president will not be running for a second term.

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Veep Recap: Selina Meyer vs. Allison Janney

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After seven seasons of seeing her fend of White House reporters on The West Wing, this week’s episode of Veep gave the great Allison Janney a chance to play one herself for once. It was suggested on last week’s episode that this particular reporter, Janet Ryland, was a pushover and could grant Selina the puff piece kind of interview needed to get her image back on track, but little did Selina’s staff know that Janet would be out for blood!

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Veep Recap: Government Shitdown

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The Vice President’s office was in it’s typically volatile state on this week’s Veep as Selina and her staff dealt with the ongoing government shutdown that started in last week’s episode.

As with any government shutdown, any essential employees are allowed stay on board to work and get paid but everyone else must go and in this instance it is Sue and Dan who end up on the chopping block. Don’t cry for them just yet though.

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Veep Recap: Meyer the Liar

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I’ll be honest. Last week’s episode of Veep set in Helsinki was seriously one of the series’ best efforts yet so expectations were fairly high for this week’s episode entitled “Andrew”. Unfortunately, the show didn’t quite meet that high bar for me and overall felt a little lightweight compared to the hilarious shitshow that was the Helsinki episode with its never-ending stream of one-liners. That being said though, a mediocre episode of Veep is still funnier than 99% of everything else on television so let’s take a quick look back at what went down.

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Veep Recap: A Sexual 9/11

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On last week’s episode of Veep Vice President Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) started a firestorm before a big foreign trip to Finland by inadvertently offending most of Europe with a song at a DC dinner and this week picked up right where we left her en route to Helsinki while her staff tries to stymy the fallout.

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