NTSF:SD:SUV Set Visit: Adult Swim's Police Academy

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Fans of the irreverent, satirical whimsy of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim late-night lineup can look forward to a new live-action series premiering this summer that follows the programming block’s trend of offering an unconventional brand of comedy few channels can rival. The tongue-in-cheek NTSF:SD:SUV revels in its parody of several landmark procedural, acronym-friendly police dramas major networks have boasted for years, and stars several veteran actors and actresses whose résumés boast geek-friendly curriculum vitae.

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Law and Order: SVU: Q&A with John Stamos on "Bang"

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John Stamos guest stars on SVU with a “Bang.”

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In Plain Sight Interview with Frederick Weller: Can I Get A Steak With That?

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For every actor there’s a certain level by which you can tell that you’ve made it big. Fans running rampant on the street, seeing yourself...

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