‘The Walking Dead’ Twitter Q&A with Norman Reedus

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We are SO EXCITED for The Walking Dead’s return tomorrow. The group has lost the comfort and safety of the prison, and are separated...

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‘Much Ado About Nothing’: Joss Whedon’s superhero ode to Shakespeare

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For beloved geekverse messiah Joss Whedon, making the transition from sci-fi and superheroes to Shakespeare was one such task. With the arrival of his contemporary version of the Bard’s landmark romantic farce Much Ado About Nothing, the mind behind such cult favorites as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly shows he has a knack for the classics, too.

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Necessary Roughness Q&A with Marc Blucas

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Sometimes it takes two or three or maybe even six seasons before a TV relationship becomes “official.” Just take a look at Booth/Bones,...

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Interview with EP Lorne Michaels and Host: Eli is the Second Manning to Host SNL

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New York Giant Eli Manning will challenge Peyton for the role of Family’s Funniest Quarterback when he hosts Saturday Night...

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Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope: Interview with Morgan Spurlock and Cast

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Morgan Spurlock’s latest project is his most passionate and moving to date. Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope offers more genuine romance and inspirational empowerment than any documentary about a massive nerd Mecca ought to. It’s a gleeful celebration of dedicated fandom and a how-to on following your bliss, a love letter to true believers in magic.

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