America’s Got Talent Review: Finals Week 2

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The final six America’s Got Talent contestants duked it out Tuesday night for a chance to win one million smackeroos, which, according to AGT, will actually be spread out over a forty-year period – but hey, twenty-five grand is still a nice chunk of change every year, right?

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The Bachelorette Review: Uh-oh! Someone Isn’t Here for the “Right Reasons”

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“Right reasons, right reasons, here for ya girl for all the right reasons.” Loooks like somebody didn’t pay attention to that horrific rap song last week.

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So You Think You Can Dance: New York Auditions

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Truthfully, I have never been interested in dancing of any sort. My only knowledge of dancing came from movies, television shows, and the...

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The Amazing Race Review: Curly and Moe at the Beach

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I’ve really grown fond of contestants Andy and Tommy on this season’s The Amazing Race. Over the past couple of weeks they’ve shown...

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Jersey Shore Review: And The Wall Won

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Much ado about nothing

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