American Idol Review: The Massive Finale and a Winner is Chosen

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The Nokia Theater in Los Angeles was abuzz with the excitement of seven-thousand American Idol fans, all there for the same exact reason: to experience the crowning of season eleven’s winner. It was a two night affair, as always, with the first night consisting of finalists Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez duking it out on stage over three-rounds of competitive singing. Things went relatively smooth as they blew through all six stage performances briskly over the course of an hour.

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Review: American Idol Finale is a Win for Phillip Phillips, and a Tragedy for Music and Fashion!

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I wanna put Phillip Phillips in my pocket and take him home. Get it? “Home?”

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Battleship Review: How Product Integration Should Be Done

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I am almost prepared to call the makers of the new film Battleship brilliant. And I say almost because, as enjoyable Battleship is, its...

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Review: On The X Factor, Ungrateful Wins Out Over Grace

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On this week’s The X Factor, the performances were only the beginning.

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American Idol Review: Abrams and Durbin Fight to Be Themselves

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This week, two brave contestants stood their ground on song choice, and, really, identity choice, as they went against the advice offered by the often obnoxious duo of Jimmy Iovine and will.i.am.

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