New Previews: ‘Being Human’ and ‘Lost Girl’ Return to SyFy in January

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On January 13, 2014, SyFy brings back two of its most popular shows for brand new seasons. The new previews for ”Being...

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Comic-Con 2013: Being Human Roars Into Season Four

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Being Human has always been harder than it looks for three Boston roommates who happen to be a ghost, two werewolves and a centuries old vampire with major addiction issues. Syfy’s supernatural quartet have gone from subject of skeptic tweets from fans of the U.K. original series, to one of the network’s flagship series.

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Being Human: The Werewolves Talk Season Three

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When Being Human wrapped up its sophomore season, werewolf Josh was in a dark place. He’d just lost his old flame as a result of his curse, and found out he could save both himself and ex-girlfriend Nora by killing Ray, the wolf that bit him. The finale ended with Ray holding a gun pointed at Josh, and Nora with a gun firmly fixed on Ray. We cut to black and shots were fired.

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Syfy Upfront 2012: Being Human Cast Teases Season 3

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Being Human fans can expect a change of pace next season on the show as the cast teases what to expect when the series returns this fall.

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Being Human Review: Grounded, Gunshots and Goodbyes

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On last night’s season finale of Being Human, things started to look a little rough for the gang with Josh realizing maybe he can’t go home again, Aidan figuring out freedom from the family might not be what he really needs, and Sally longing to learn the secrets of limbo.

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