Game of Thrones Review: Joffrey Likes to Watch

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On last night’s Game of Thrones, the Baratheon brothers came to a head, Lord Tyrion continued his power play against his Queen Regent sister, and little Ari’s true nature was somewhat discovered.

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Game of Thrones Review: Of Children and Cheekbones

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Winter’s metaphorically back with the return of HBO’s breakout hit drama Game of Thrones. I was lukewarm on the first season, which took its time building a world and cast of characters a little too slowly for my taste, but still fixated on the eye-popping moments like Viserys’ golden crown and the return of the dragons.

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Game of Thrones Review: Battle Plans and Endsongs

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It’s finale time in Westeros! When a show comes to the close of its season, a true test to the quality of the storytelling in my opinion is just how eagerly you’re left wanting more. Sometimes I find myself ready for a short break, like when an overwhelming friend leaves after a prolonged visit. Other finales leave me feeling frustrated and confused, abruptly abandoning me like last season’s True Blood ender. But, there are those few that can leave you almost spellbound in your anticipation of the next chapter.

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Game of Thrones Review: Everything Has Its Price

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After this week in Westeros, nothing will be the same. Robb Stark moves his banner men forward on the Lannister camp, while Tywin splits his army between Jaime and himself, with Tyrion preparing for his first taste of battle. Elsewhere, things are not looking so great for Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and her place with the Dothraki and Jon Snow starts to doubt his calling with the Night’s Watch. But, if there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that the tides of war can turn unexpectedly fast.

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Game of Thrones Review: Two to Go

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This week in Westeros, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) gets a peek at the ugly side of war while the Lannister clan makes preparations to defend their hold on the iron throne. The Stark family continues to find themselves in dire straits. One brother sets off to war, with another longing to join him while on sister fights those challenging her family’s honor, and another desperately clings to the future she was promised. Oh, and their aunt’s still sort of crazed.

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