‘The Walking Dead’ review: Safety in numbers

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Fight the dead. Fear the living. The tagline for the third season of AMC’s post-apocalyptic zombie saga The Walking Dead is finally coming...

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In Plain Sight Interview with Frederick Weller: Can I Get A Steak With That?

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For every actor there’s a certain level by which you can tell that you’ve made it big. Fans running rampant on the street, seeing yourself...

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The Game Review: Definitely a Cliffhanger

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While a few of us fans of The Game are still on the fence of whether we’ll buy tickets for next season, the cliffhanger in this season’s finale means we’ll at least tune in for next season’s home opener.

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The Game Review: If Death Is Coming, It's Because Fans Are Suffocating For Excitement

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Apparently the A-B-C storyline this week is a set-up for next week’s season finale, but if this were a live game, I’d leave early to avoid traffic.

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Californication Review: Another Perfect Day

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“Another Perfect Day” marks the start of the final arc of Californication coming to fruition, one that has been teased since the season opener: Hank’s innocence, or lack thereof.

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