Review: The X-Factor is Alive and Chock full Of Wonderful Talent

Posted by on Oct 1, 2011 in Television | 0 comments

On this second week of auditions for Simon Cowell’s new show: The X Factor, one thing is immediately clear: these people can SING!

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Pearl Jam Twenty Review: Still Alive

Posted by on Sep 23, 2011 in feature overlay, Movies | 34 comments

1991 was the last important era for rock music and twenty years on, we can remember and acknowledge that four guys from Seattle (and a surfer dude from San Diego) helped to redefine and change the landscape of music forever.

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The Bachelor Review: The Final Four

Posted by on Feb 27, 2011 in Television | 2 comments

I was silent last week in honor of Michelle’s weird, wordless Michelle’s departure. I at least expected her to break things, if not burn the hotel down for getting kicked off.

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