The Cabin in the Woods Review: Go. Now.

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I can’t start this review without telling you two things. They’re kind of warnings, but let’s call them disclaimers. First, if you’re even thinking you might have a passing interest in seeing The Cabin in the Woods, stop reading this review. In fact, read nothing about it before you actually view it in its entirety and return home from the theater or are at the bar where you go for your post-movie drinks or slice of pie.

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Abduction Review: I Think I Prefer Jacob Black

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Being the new Tom Cruise might turn out to be a bit of a lofty goal for Taylor Lautner.

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Cedar Rapids Review: From Iowa With Love

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Cedar Rapids doesn’t so much skewer Iowa as much as it makes it a veritable playground for the sad group of characters who converge there to act out their desires and forget the sorrow of their normal lives back home.

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