Man of Steel Review: You Will Believe A Man Can Punch Fellow Aliens Through Multiple City Blocks

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35 years ago a group of filmmakers led by director Richard Donner and a relatively unknown actor named Christopher Reeve did what most of the world previously thought was impossible – make a straight-faced live action adaptation of the world’s oldest and best known comic book superhero: Superman. The promotional materials for that film proudly proclaimed “You will believe a man can fly!” and whether you believed it or not, it was hard to deny that the film itself was magical.

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The Vampire Diaries Review: The One Where Damon Dances

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I think I have to say that I enjoyed this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries more than any other lately if only for the fact that it included a scene where Ian Somerhalder’s Damon gets drunk and dances in a similar fashion to his dance in this scene from The Rules of Attraction. It was that film that first made me notice Mr. Somerhalder 10 long years ago and well, its been a good run.

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Vampires Have All the Fun: An Interview with Sam Witwer

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When I spoke with the star of Syfy’s Being Human last year, Sam Witwer was ready to face some tough critics. He and the rest of the remake’s terrific trio were about launch a series that already had a small, but rabid fanbase making their opinions known. “The first season was a lot of pressure,” he said. But, with a successful first run under his belt, Witwer is excited for fans to sink their teeth into season two. During our phone call we chatted about his lucky break with Frank Darabont, geeked out over Star Wars and teased a little of what’s ahead for vampire Aidan this year.

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ABC Family Q&A: Laura Vandervoort Spreads Christmas Joy

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I may have mentioned once or twice how much I love the original movies on ABC Family. They’re wonderfully cheesy, and sweet, and the kind...

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Smallville Review: I Do Believe a Man Can Fly

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Series Finale of The CW’s Smallville.

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