Game of Thrones Review: Jon Makes a Friend

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Last night on Game of Thrones, Winterfell was invaded by former Stark ward Theon Greyjoy, Daenerys lost her dragons, and Jon Snow made a special new friend out beyond the Wall.

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Game of Thrones Review: Battle Plans and Endsongs

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It’s finale time in Westeros! When a show comes to the close of its season, a true test to the quality of the storytelling in my opinion is just how eagerly you’re left wanting more. Sometimes I find myself ready for a short break, like when an overwhelming friend leaves after a prolonged visit. Other finales leave me feeling frustrated and confused, abruptly abandoning me like last season’s True Blood ender. But, there are those few that can leave you almost spellbound in your anticipation of the next chapter.

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Game of Thrones Review: Two to Go

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This week in Westeros, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) gets a peek at the ugly side of war while the Lannister clan makes preparations to defend their hold on the iron throne. The Stark family continues to find themselves in dire straits. One brother sets off to war, with another longing to join him while on sister fights those challenging her family’s honor, and another desperately clings to the future she was promised. Oh, and their aunt’s still sort of crazed.

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Game of Thrones Review: Someone Wins, Someone Dies

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This week, Game of Thrones continues its upheaval of the Westeros viewers have found themselves engrossed in. The quest for who will sit on the iron throne heats up, with several making a play for the seat of power Though, as Queen Cersei (Lena Headey) implies, only one man can win, and losing isn’t exactly a silver medal kind of race here.

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Game of Thrones Review: Winter Is Here

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This week HBO debuted its highly anticipated new drama series Game of Thrones. Based on the Song of Ice and Fire book series by George...

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