State of the Comic Book Movie Part 2: Marvel Characters at Other Studios

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It goes without saying that Marvel Studios could not enjoy the success it has had without some of the groundwork being laid by other studios using their characters throughout the years thanks to licensing deals.

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With Great Power Comes Free Roaming – The Amazing Spider-Man at E3

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  Over at the Activision booth, amidst the swirl of lights and throng of booming music competing for eyeballs, the war of Who’s Shit...

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Movies in 3D – The D is for "Don't"

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Remember the days when 3D was cool, new, and exciting? That was back when the lady at the ticket counter handed you those totally...

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Green Lantern Review: Not The Brightest Of Superhero Movies

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Despite Green Lantern’s clumsy overreaching, at its character-driven heart lies the potential for a riveting superhero series on par with the best of its predecessors. With the door left wide open for an inevitable sequel, here’s hoping Warner Bros. can channel its will for a successful franchise and stop masking its fear of box office failure with mind-numbing visual dalliances and lurching story progression. It’s only without these extraneous distractions that future Green Lantern movies will really light up the screen.

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Video: 2011 WGA Awards: Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Eric Stonestreet sing "Write it Gay"

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Check out this video from this past weekend’s WGA Awards. Poptimal.com’s writers were there in person! Check out our pictures...

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