American Idol Review: Seacrest Feels Seasick On Queen Night

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The bottom two were Hollie and Elise. And guess who went home? Just take a guess.

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American Idol Review: The Show Must Go On But Without Elise

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The folks at American Idol really love the band Queen. Like, REALLy love Queen. So much that they were the focus of the theme this week for the contestants to musically interpret. But not only did the contestants get to perform their favorite hits, the some of the original band members of Queen were on hand for a live performance and also stuck around to have a sit down with the remaining six to answer any burning questions about becoming professional performers.

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American Idol Review: A Kiss for Jennifer and an "Uprising" Moment

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This week was “Songs from the 21st Century;” although after hearing some of these contestants song choices; they should have the next theme be: “Songs that are Totally and Completely Wrong for your Voice, or that are very boring and not at all memorable in any way.”

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American Idol Review: A Stolen Kiss Steals The Show

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This week’s American Idol attempted to bring a modern spin to the Top 7 performances Wednesday night by giving the contestants a chance to pick songs from any genre, as long as they debuted in the 21st century.

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American Idol Review: Smoke and Mirrors

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Any doubt about the void left by the departure of Simon Cowell’s acerbic exasperation toward performances that simply don’t make the cut was eviscerated this week, as one contestant after another delivered an unremarkable effort, yet received a requisite tongue bath from the easily-pleased judges.

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