Glee Review: Beatlemania!

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Once upon a time, there were four British lads seemingly chosen by a higher power to form one of the greatest musical bands this world...

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Mad Men Recap: Pizza House!

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This week’s episode of Mad Men saw two central characters trying to make their lives a little bit better. One of these characters appears to have succeeded. The other…not so much. But let’s start with the good news. Teeth (Don’s wife, Megan, for my non-regular readers) started this week’s episode by acting a little fishy.

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The Sing-Off: Interview with Jenilee Reyes of Kinfolk 9

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On Monday night’s episode of The Sing-Off, NBC’s a cappella competition, the judges eliminated Kinfolk 9, a nine member, mixed group after their performances of “Price Tag” by Jessie J and “Let It Be” by the Beatles. Both performances received positive feedback from the judging panel, who said their final decision for the night was the hardest they’d had to make so far.

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American Idol Review: Nuts of Wonder

Posted by on Feb 19, 2011 in Television | 16 comments

This week’s American Idol unleashed the most dreaded aspect of the Hollywood rounds for viewers and participants alike.

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