E3 2013 Trailer: Garrett the Master Thief

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Square Enix® and Eidos-Montréal®, the award winning studio behind the critically acclaimed Deus Ex: Human Revolution®, today unveil a...

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White Collar Review: Spoils of War

Posted by on Mar 10, 2011 in Television | 16 comments

This week we finally got some answers White Collar fans! The season two finale, “Under the Radar”, opened with Neal (Matt Bomer) and Peter (Tim DeKay) bringing some fake Rolex watches to evidence. Sara (Hilarie Burton) is waiting for them there. She and Neal bring up and then back off from the topic of the other night. They seem to agree it was a moment worth revisiting. Peter tells the team the current plan is to take down Vincent Adler (guest star Andrew McCarthy).

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White Collar Review: One to Go

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The penultimate White Collar of the season, “Power Play,” kicks off with some screen time for the much missed Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen,...

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