The Game Review: Definitely a Cliffhanger

Posted by on Mar 30, 2011 in Feature, feature overlay, Television | 0 comments

While a few of us fans of The Game are still on the fence of whether we’ll buy tickets for next season, the cliffhanger in this season’s finale means we’ll at least tune in for next season’s home opener.

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The Game Review: If Death Is Coming, It's Because Fans Are Suffocating For Excitement

Posted by on Mar 25, 2011 in Television | 0 comments

Apparently the A-B-C storyline this week is a set-up for next week’s season finale, but if this were a live game, I’d leave early to avoid traffic.

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The Game Review: Saving the Sugar for the Sweets

Posted by on Feb 25, 2011 in Television | 0 comments

A good show is like a good meal.  It’s filling, and the sugar comes at the end.  One of the classic reasons I’m drawn to The Game is...

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