State of the Comic Book Movie Part 3: DC Comics

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It seems a bit crazy to now look at DC Comics and think of it as a fledgling underdog struggling to keep up with Marvel in the movie world, but that’s kinda what has happened in recent years. There are certainly arguments to be made about quantity versus quality though so I’ll be addressing that shortly…

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Oscars 2013: Best Animated Features come to life

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The medium of animation is one that’s evolved more than perhaps any other film industry niche. Rapidly growing technology enables movies...

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Snow White and the Huntsman Review: Pretty, but Completely Unnecessary

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Do you ever go out to dinner at a super nice (read: expensive) restaurant, and everything is gorgeous. The décor, the service, the menus,...

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Dark Shadows Review: Strange Psychedelic Happenings

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Destined to take its place on a future line-up of ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween, most likely paired with the seasonal classic Hocus Pocus (you’re welcome for that tip, ABC Family), Tim Burton’s and Johnny Depp’s big screen adaptation of Dark Shadows is sometimes fun, but mostly a mixed bag.

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Poptimal's 2012 Summer Movie Preview

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We’ve almost made it through the weeds, fellow film-goers! Yes, the horribly dry months of January – April are nearly a thing...

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