American Idol Review: Hometown Heroes Revealed

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With only two weeks left until the American Idol finale, tensions are mounting, dreams are no doubt being shattered, and the stakes are higher than ever. This was a big week since we would finally find out which contestants would be taking part in the Hometown Heroes celebration, an event where basically each singer would get to take a mini-vacation back to their local stomping grounds to be greeted by parades and loads of screaming fans. Four contestants were left competing Wednesday night but by Thursday only the coveted top three spots were left.

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America's Got Talent Review: Crossing the Finish Line

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This week’s America’s Got Talent finale was like a fun mashup of American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance, except this time I had not an inkling of who would actually win. ::Cough::Scotty McCreery-Melanie Moore::Cough:: In fact, not watching pretty much all of this season, has given me the gift of possibly the most unexpected, reality TV finale ever.

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American Idol Review: Idols Go Gaga

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It’s as reliable as clockwork, folks. With another installment of American Idol comes yet another litany of hyperbole from our friend Ryan Seacrest, already eagerly hailing this season’s upcoming finale as “the biggest night in television.”

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Dancing With the Stars Review: Instant Dance Adds Instant Stress

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This week, our loveable cheese-fest Dancing With the Stars is down to only five couples; and you know what THAT means: two dances each!!!...

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American Idol Review: In It To Win It

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Make no mistake, devoted Idol viewers. Even as Season 10 approaches an imminent close, Nigel Lythgoe and his sly brood of co-producers are making sure the road to the finale is as drawn out and excruciating as possible. It’s just the Idol way, folks.

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