Top Chef Review: It’s Cooking Now!

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Beverly is baaaaack and Sarah is pissed! It was worth its weight in gold watching Sarah’s face contort as if she had just stuffed 20 sour patch kids in her mouth when Bev pranced back into the Top Chef kitchen. Ed and Paul seemed genuinely surprised but commended her ability to make it back into the competition.

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Top Chef Review: The Playhouse Meets The Top Chef Kitchen – FAIL

Posted by on Feb 4, 2012 in feature overlay, Television | 2 comments

Top Chef has taken me on a roller coaster this season. There’s been some highs: the black chicken massacre, Padma in a Paul Bunyan shirt-dress, and LCK. There’s also been some lows: an overdose of mass cooking challenges, Heather, and not enough Eric Ripert. I’d like to add a new low to the list. Pee-wee Herman. I don’t know what the Top Chef producers where smoking when they thought up bringing Pee-wee in as a guest judge but it was a supremely off the mark.

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Top Chef Review: Cooking for the Masses

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We’re back this week with a rather drab episode of Top Chef. I was pretty pumped after last week’s “Evil Queen” episode because it finally seemed like the remaining chefs were show-casing their talent in creative and innovative ways. It was fun to watch. This week, not so much. We’re back to the cooking for the masses-type elimination challenges and quite frankly, the competitions are not very fun to watch.

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Top Chef Review: Wicked Food for an Evil Queen

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Hello Top Cheffers! It’s good to be with you again. A huge thanks to re-capper extraordinaire, Inisia Lewis for picking up the slack during my absence. This week, our Cheftestants left Austin and headed back to San Antonio. I don’t get all the back and forth this season. It really hasn’t made a difference in the cooking, so why do it? Is it to showcase the caravan of golden Toyota Siennas transporting everyone to and fro?

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Top Chef Review: Restaurant Wars

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The battle we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived on this week’s episode of Top Chef: Texas. No, I’m not talking about the...

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