75 Years Later: There’s Still No Film Like ‘Oz’

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The year was 1939. Europe was falling into World War II. America was still struggling to pull itself out of the Great Depression. And Hollywood found itself creating a string of classic films that would amaze audiences and go on to stand the test of time.

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Contest: Win Free Tickets to an Advance Screening of Beautiful Creatures

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Poptimal.com and Warner Bros have teamed up to give 30 lucky Poptimal readers 2 free tickets to see Beautiful Creatures!

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E3 2012 – Talking Legos and DC Superheroes Join "Lego Batman 2"

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Warner Bros. has released the trailer for Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes, the sequel to the best-selling Lego game of all time. This time...

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Wrath of the Titans Review: An Action-Packed Cure for Insomnia

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Let’s just kick this off by stating the obvious: 2010′s Clash of the Titans was a turd of a film that was forgotten faster than its running time and gave 3D movies a bad name for its hasty and sloppy post-conversion job. Any arguments? Didn’t think so.

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Win Advance Screening Passes to Joyful Noise

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Poptimal.com and Warner Bros. are teaming up to get 30 lucky Poptimal fans into an advanced screening of the new movie Joyful Noise. Here is your chance to win a family 4 pack of tickets.

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