Grimm: Q&A with Executive Producers David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf

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Fairytales have become all the rage lately, just look around and you’ll see several TV shows and movies inspired by the happily ever after...

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NBC at TCAs: We want our Must-See TV

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Can NBC thwart its trajectory halfway through another lackluster season? Only the viewers can ultimately decide.

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Are You There, Chelsea? Interview: Chelsea Handler Lets Someone Else Do The Talking

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Fans of the irreverent comedy of Chelsea Handler already have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the late night host’s sardonic humor weeknights on Chelsea Lately, her hit nightly talk show on E!, and many were bona fide followers of Handler’s stand-up career and best-selling memoirs prior to her television takeover. Now, with the premiere of NBC’s new sitcom Are You There, Chelsea? this January, Handler has crossed over into previously uncharted territory: playing someone other than herself.

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2 Broke Girls: Something Old, Something New

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I’d love to be able to write this article and tell you that 2 Broke Girls is the BEST NEW COMEDY ON TELEVISION. I can’t, though, because...

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2011 TV Review: The Good, The Bad, and The Whitney

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With yet another holiday season upon us, the impending New Year poses an opportunity to reflect on the litany of pop culture triumphs and gaffes the preceding 12 months had to offer. Where to begin? It’s hard to narrow down such an impressive collection of celebrity snafus and televised glory, internet phenomena and box office bombs, but one way to kick off this year’s rundown of Best and Worst entries in the 2011 vernacular is to acknowledge and discuss what the world of TV had to offer.

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