America’s Got Talent Review: Finals Week 1

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America’s Got Talent’s top twelve acts battled to the death this week for a spot in the final six. Okay, no one really died, but lots of tears (both happy and sad) were shed, judge Howie Mandel turned into a creepy old man on more than one occasion, and the audience doled out standing ovations for all twelve acts

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America’s Got Talent Recap: Semifinals Week One

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Following a week of squealing hype, boy band of the moment One Direction graced Radio City Music Hall with their pubescent-pleasing presence. I am both the wrong age and the wrong gender to receive any form of entertainment from these young men.

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2012 Writers Guild Awards West: Finding the right words

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As awards season begins rounding to a close, the events leading up to Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony rightfully revere the less glamorized niches of the film industry that comprise the core of what makes the year’s best movies and television series as creatively successful as they are. Nothing takes this notion to heart quite like the Writers Guild Awards, held simultaneously in Los Angeles and New York each February to herald the best screenplays and scripts of the year in movies, television, video games and new media.

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