Oscars Food and Beverage Preview: Wolfgang Does It Again

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Remember how I told you to be careful with this year’s Moët champagne cocktail? If I’d taken my own advice at Thursday’s Food and Beverage...

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Oscars Governors Ball Preview 2012: In With the New

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The lavish party following the upcoming 84th Academy Awards ceremony on February 26th will be markedly different than in previous years....

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Hell's Kitchen Review: Ramsay's Diary – Entry 3

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A great miracle of miracles happened this week in Hell’s Kitchen, but it wasn’t without without great pain and utter humiliation- and I’m just speaking for myself.

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Hell's Kitchen Review: We're Not Finished Yet

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The usual excitement of Hell’s Kitchen fizzled out quickly for me this week starting with episode six. It was the same old rehash of what’s become the standard for the show, mainly exhausted bickering between team members and the usual sending up of shitty food for service.

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Top Chef All Stars Review: The Penultimate Supper

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There are only three all-star chefs left. These are good, solid cheftestants and the recent episode, “The Last Supper,” has them in...

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