Fresh, new, and often outrageous!’s the Jone Dome is a pop culture review podcast that pokes fun at movies, television, celebrities, and, of course, itself.  Join Ference & Double Edge as they “jone” (east coast term for making fun of a person) on the pop culture phenomena and icons.  Their style, banter, and jokes are original and infectious.  Don’t enter the Jone Dome unless you can hold your own!!

Episode 15 (Book Club) – August 16, 2009 – Step inside Alana D.’s book club group as her ladies talk about movie The Time Traveler’s Wife.  These ladies have read the book and seen the movie.  Listen as they tell you what they think from the point of view.

Past Episodes

Episode #1 – September 17, 2008 – Towelhead, 90210, Sneaking in to see the Dark Knight, and the Minnesotan. (iTunes | MP3)

Episode #2 – October 10, 2008 – Lakeview Terrace, True Blood, The Black Rodeo, & Double Edge’s Dating Partnership Track.  (iTunes | MP3| Podcast Alley)

Episode #3 – October 24, 2008 – This week the duo talk about Knight Rider, Sex Drive, Drinking at the Brooklyn Brewery, and Special Sumo Wrestling.  (MP3| Podcast Alley)

POPTIMAL EXCLUSIVE: America’s Best Dance Crew – Ference from The Jone Dome teams up with Featured Writer and co-host of The “J” Factor Jaimie Campos to broadcast live from the New York Auditions.  (MP3| Podcast Alley)

Episode #4 – November 12, 2008 – This week the team broadcasts live from Poptimal’s Football Party and talk about the Homeless Guy and Pee Bottle Boobie-Trap, Knight Rider, W., and America’s Best Dance Crew. (MP3| Podcast Alley)

Episode #5 – November 24, 2008 – This episode: The Fake Pescadarian (Brook Lin), The Unfantastic Four, White Mike, Knight Rider Survives, Pride & Glory. (MP3| Podcast Alley)

Episode #6 – December 16, 2008 – This episode: Broadcast from Mayorga Coffeehouse, Getting punked by women at the bar, Ference’s cider gets stolen by an old Asian man, True Blood, and Quantum of Solace.  (MP3| Podcast Alley)

Episode #7 – December 31, 2008 – This episode: (All New) Cutting Room Floor Stories – Trip to New York, Jets Game, When Ignorant People Talk Politics

Episode #8 – January 21, 2009 – This episode: Skippy Weinstock (Black Cheetah Girl) alleged wild romp, 2008’s Worst, Britney/Brittany, Skinny Jeans, and Benjamin Button.

Episode #9 – February 11, 2009 – Straight from the streets – stories you did not hear about during the inauguration; Barackulars, Lie to Me; and 24.

Episode #10 – March 15, 2009 – All New cutting room floor material.  The fellas poke fun at Joe the Plumber, Barack Obama, and the black guy from the last Survivor.

Episode #11 – April 27, 2009 – The fellas broadcast live from one of DC’s most happening bars, My Brother’s Place.  Listen as they skewer The Amazing Race, American Idol, and Monsters v. Aliens.  Also, they welcome movie critic Surly Sebastian to the show.

Episode #12 – May 17, 2009 – (Cinco de Mayo Celebration – Part 1)  Live from Austin Grill in downtown DC, the fellas celebrate Cinco de Mayo in true Jone Domer fashion.  There was so much fun it had to be split into parts.  Definitely an outrages show.

Episode #14 – May 27, 2009 – (Part I) – Ference & Double Edge broadcast live from Mayorga Coffeehouse & Bar in Silver Spring, MD.  Listen as they make fun of celebrities, fans, and themselves while handing out tons of prizes.  It is an intense power hour of fun, so sit back, listen and enjoy the jones!! (Featuring J.B. Perlowfrom The J Factor and Feature Writer Robin Reed and Contributing Writer  Pearl O’Wisdom.)